Rock Spring Cemetery

The Rock Spring Cemetery is located at the corner of Piedmont and Rock Springs Roads adjacent to the Rock Spring Presbyterian Church. One acre in the southwest corner of land lot 50 in Fulton County was designated as a cemetery by Daniel Liddell Plaster in 1874. The earliest marked graves are those of James Washington Smith, Sr. and Foster Luckie, both buried in 1874. Although the exact circumstances and dates of the early designation are unclear, the Cemetery probably came into existence after the small white frame Rock Spring Church was built in 1871.

The Cemetery is managed and maintained by the Rock Spring Cemetery Association. More information is available through the Rock Spring Presbyterian Church Office at (404) 875-7483.

A more detailed description of the Cemetery is included in the book The Spirit of Rock Spring - A History of Rock Spring Presbyterian Church by Barbara Wright Cheshire. Copies are available also through the Rock Spring Presbyterian Church Office.

The Cemetery Association maintains a Necrology (example):

Liddell(24)-Romona Gray Liddell (Sept. 26, 1929- )
H. Todd Liddell, Jr. (Aug. 5, 1926-Oct. 21. 2008)
Peggy S. Liddell (Mar. 1, 1937- )
Drew C. Liddell (Aug. 15, 1932-Jan 1, 1997)
Bertie Sue C. Liddell (Mar. 30, 1903-July 23, 1986)
Heywood Todd Liddell (Feb. 19, 1899-Nov. 10, 1965)
Ellen Liddell Morgan (Sept. 17, 1893-Jan. 29, 1978)
May Drew Liddell (Aug. 23, 1900-Nov. 13, 1901)
Andrew P. Liddell (1872-1939)
May Todd Liddell (1876-1950)
Sara Liddell Brinson (July 10, 1896-Aug. 16, 1948)
Leslie C. Brinson (Jan. 11, 1894-Dec. 26, 1969)
Daniel W. Liddell (May 4, 1860-Dec. 17, 1916)
Jessie M. Liddell (May 25, 1860-June 5, 1946)
Capt. James M. Liddell (July 15, 1833-Sept. 9, 1915) Confed. War Veteran
His wife, Piety Amenda Gober ( July 28, 1838-Apr. 13, 1915)
T. Roy Liddell (Nov. 21, 1883- July 4, 1959)

Click here to download the complete Necrology.

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